donating fossil/live extinct "pieces" for org

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donating fossil/live extinct "pieces" for org

Postby Hyperion » Sat Mar 21, 2015 3:56 am

I am having fun with the new museum animals, but cannot really see lots of them coming into the org. The breeding is just too expensive relative to the value, although twin week helps to get people started.

Since they can be made in a lab anyway, it would be very nice if we could collect them in the org, the pieces I mean. I think lots of people would be happy to make the occasional piece for the org of whatever fossils they have in stock, but collecting or breeding is just very high cost and commitment. Plus, it would be fun to collect them together in the org, a new activity to do over time. Once completed they would go into the preserves. We could maybe have a tab for it where people can see how far we got with which animals. Since the donating is anonymous and I am the one putting them in the org, the incoming and sorting for animals is a bit invisible for members. This could be different if we collected pieces together.
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