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Friends / Visiting Friends

Postby pearlbay » Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:40 am


My Café Katzenberger lets you add other players as friends. Your advantage: you'll be able to secure yourselves extra points when being visited by friends. You may visit friends yourself as well, and thus gain points, Kitty Dollars or collect ingredients.

How can I invite friends or add them to my friends list?

You can view your friends on your friends list.


Click the "Friends"-icon in the lower part of the interface to open your friends list. Clicking the star to the bottom right hand side of a friend will forward you to the friend-menu. Here you'll be able to see when your friend has visited you last, and when you have visited them last yourself. If you want to remove a friend from the list, click the star icon next to the player's name and select "delete" in the interface.

To add a new friend, click an empty slot and enter the player's name in the window.


If the player has free slots in their list, they will receive a request they need to accept. Once the invitation has been accepted, you will become friends.

Another method of adding friends is by searching the ranking and clicking the button "friend request".


This button is only displayed if the respective player has free slots in their friends list, however.

Of course you'll be able to decide whether you wish to accept an invitation in the same manner. All invitations you receive can be found under the tab "Invitations".


This tab also contains all invitations you sent yourself, and which haven't yet been accepted or declined.

Can I remove friends from my friends list?

Of course you can.
If you want to remove a friend from the list, click the star icon next to the player's name and select "delete" in the interface.


How can I visit my friends?

If you want to visit a friend, open your friends list and click the icon "visit" to stop by at your friend's café.


Plus, you may collect ponts, Kitty Dollars or ingredients at your friend's kitchen appliances as well as in their gardens every 90 minutes!


Clicking uses up visitor points. Each friend you visit will receive 5 points once a day!

What are visitor points?

You can see your visitor points in the upper right corner of the interface while visiting friends.

These are similar to the energy points in your café.

You will receive one point every 10 minutes up until you have reached the maximum of attainable visitor points. If you don't want to wait you can replenish the visitor points for a fee by clicking on the icon.

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