Account Disappeared

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Account Disappeared

Postby kingrewt » Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:44 pm

As the title says my account disappeared. Last played it a couple of days ago and when I tried to login in and it said the login didn't exist. Tried it a few times and still wouldn't worked. I have the original confirmation email and it didn't work. I am pretty sure that I didn't delete my account. I then tried to set up a new account with EXACT same details and it worked. Now I can prove that there was a previous account but can anyone explain why it happened and if I can get my old account back or something as I was top in number of cubes at one stage.

BTW The new account won't let me confirm my email address, I haven't changed isp or computer. I didn't delete my account and using same browser with smae settings. So I don't think anything changed on my end.

PS: New account user ID 3435, both people where called Kingrewt and i don't possess the old account's ID but it used the same email as my new one.

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Re: Account Disappeared

Postby Radaj » Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:59 pm

From Game Update April 24th 2012:
pearlbay wrote:Dear Cubelanders,

we are planning another game update for tomorrow, April 24th 2012. As this will be a quite large update, the servers may be down for an entire hour at around 2 pm until 3 pm CEST.

Please note that due to this update the entire game will once again be reset. If you'd like to keep playing, you will therefore have to create a completely new account as soon as we are done patching.

Further details on this update will, as always be posted here, once we are done patching!

Your upjers-team

All accounts were deleted three days ago, on April 24, 2012. That is why your previous account disappeared. You may, of course, create a new account, as you already have. But I'm afraid all previous high scores and records were deleted as well.

Regarding your e-mail confirmation, I believe you have to play the game at least once in order to receive the confirmation e-mail. If you are still unable to confirm your e-mail, make sure to submit a bug report or help ticket at Upjers Support in order to receive a quick response.

Hope your problem is solved soon!

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