Customizing the terrain texture

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Customizing the terrain texture

Postby anomar » Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:58 am

You can fully change the look of the world by customizing the terrain textures. This is only possible on dedicated servers.

1. To do so, download the example texture mod. Unzip this next to the game (this should overwrite the contents thats already in the Mods folder).

2. Make sure your serversetting.txt contains:

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This refers to the folder name in which your textures and blocks.txt is located. You have extracted this folder in step 1.

3. Verify if everything works. If it does you can start changing the textures and add new block types.
Mods/Desert/blocks.txt uses the following format:

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The format explained:

Name: use any name for this texture, it's not used in-game.
Sound name: use one of the following: grass/concrete/wood/sand
TextureID: this refers to your texture file. If you want to use 5.jpg or 5.png then use 5 as texture_ID. This texture is used as inventory image.
CUSTOMSIDES: after textureID you can add custom sides to change the 6 sides of a cube. To Customize all 6 sides of a cube use:

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Note that I left "top=1" out because it's already defined as default texture for the entire cube. We only need to overwrite the other 5 sides.

How much texutres I can add?

The more you add the lower the resolution per texture, but 50 should be still possible.

This post has originally been composed by Mike and has been reworked and copied here by the upjers-team

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