Zyon's Dedicated Server Guide (OLD)

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Zyon's Dedicated Server Guide (OLD)

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Welcome to Zyonmkxq's Comprehensive Dedicated Server Guide for Dummies. (Windows Only) This guide will give you step by step instructions on how to download and configure your dedicated server. If you are wondering why you should download a dedicated server or what advantages a dedicated may give you, please consult the FAQ section below.

First Step

Login on your account on cubelands.com and click Play now! Image
which can be found at the top of your screen.

Second Step

You will now be at the cubelands mulitplayer main menu. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see a small paragraph which reads: If you buy the game you can download a standalone player for even better performance and more options: Windows, Mac Note: The client download includes a dedicated server which you can run without needing to buy the game

Click on windows as show in this diagram

Third Step

You will be prompted to download a zipped folder, click open. Now you should have a CubelandsWin.Zip folder you need to extract the files as shown in the diagram once the files are extracted open the CubelandsWin folder. Image

Fourth Step

You will now see a list of files, you want to double click StartDedicatedServer.bat Image
(the first time you do this you will have to go through some updates from the M2HPatcher, just follow the on screen insturctions) you will now see the Cubelands Configuration Screen
choose whatever options you want or just use the standard options (the options are only relevant if you are using the standalone version will be explained in the FAQ section) now click Play!

Fifth Step

You should now have a small pop up with the options to either save or quit
click save and then click quit. Now go back to your CubelandsWin folder, you should now see a serversettings.text file, you want to open that now.

Sixth Step

Your serversettings.txt should look like this, there are 4 sections, General, Map Data, Server Permissions, and Render Settings. We will only be covering the first 3 sections and not the last in this tutorial.

General Section

port=25010 (DO NOT CHANGE THIS)
players= (change to allow more/less players to enter your server, max=64)
PW= (adding a password to your server will make it private and other players will not be able to connect, even if they know the password they still wont be able to connect see FAQ)
MOTD= (this is the "message of the day" changing this changes the displayed message when players enter your server)
serverDescription= (changes the description of your server)
title= (changes the server's title, this is what your server's name will be in the server list)
targetFrameRate=25 (changes your framerate, i dont mess with this)

Map Data

mapName= (Make sure this matches the name of your map in your worlds folder)
emptyMapHeight= (changes the total height of the server)
emptyMapXWidth= (changes the width of the server)
emptyMapZWidth= (changes the width of the server)
emptyMapFillInHeight= (changes the height of the server underground)


modList= (adds players to mod)
adminList= (adds players to admin)
bannedList= (adds players to banned list, doesnt work yet)
useBuilderList=1 (turns on builderlist, use 0 if you dont want builderlist on)
builderList= (adds players to builder list)

Seventh Step

Once you have configured the serversettings.txt to your liking, save it to allow the changes to take place then click startdedicatedserver.bat once again. Choose your options again and get to the small pop up again.
This time do not quit this screen, leave it up. Now go back to cubelands.com, loggin and click play now! Click multiplayer and find your server in the list of available servers, once you have found your server enter it and Congratulations you have just made your first dedicated server!


FAQ Section


Q: Why doesnt my world save?
A: There is currently a glitch in the webplayer, after some testing I have found that the webplayer only has a memmory of roughly 20 minutes, so anything you build after 20 minutes will almost certainly be lost, however theres 2 things you can do about this. First is rather tedious, you login build for about 20 minutes then leave your server then re-enter and repeat, as long as you leave your server before 20 minutes you should be successful at saving your work. (Do not however leave your server under 10 minutes or you will probably lose your work.)
Secondly you can download a dedicated server.

Dedicated Servers

Q: Do I have to buy the game to be able to make a dedicated server?
A: No, it is a free download.

Q: Why should I download a dedicated server?
A: Dedicated servers allow for more customization, change the size of the server, make custom textures and skyboxes, ect. and allow easier and more reliable saving so you never have to worry about losing your work again.

Q: What is the difference between a dedicated server and the standalone?
A: A dedicated server is a free download and allows you to create and manage servers that are saved to your desktop, the standalone is a premium feature that allows you to play cubelands offline and not in the browser.

Q: Can you have more then one server?
A: Yes, you simply go into the worlds folder and create a new folder and name it whatever you want your new world to be, then go back in the serversettings.txt and make sure where it says mapName= matches the name of your new world.

Q: Can you make your server bigger?
A: Yes, you can change your server dimensions in the Map Data section in your serversettings.txt. Changing the height of the server will change the overall height while changing the fillin height changes the underground height, the difference between the two is the height above ground.
Meanwhile the widthx and widthz changes how wide the ground is.

Q: How do I save my world?
A: Find your small pop up and click save.

Q: Why isnt my dedicated server isnt working?
A: Most likely the mapName= in your serversettings.txt does not match the world you are trying to host. Also make sure you have no spaces between any of the equal signs and any text, for example mapName=MyWorld
NOT mapName= MyWorld, if you have any spaces after the = sign in any of the sections in your serversettings.txt it could mess up your server.

More coming soon, if I have left anything out be sure to let me know and I will add it to the FAQ section.
Also if you have any other questions post them here and I will answer them.


DISCLAIMER: There may be a few changes to this guide since now Upjers has aquired cubelands.


If you already had a dedicated server prior to the transfer of cubelands and they are no longer are working follow these steps to "move your dedicated servers."

1. Login on cubelands.com and click play now!

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and re-download the dedicated server folder.

3. Open your old cubelands.win folder and "drag and drop" the following documents into the new folder.
The Mods Folder
The Worlds Folder
The serversettings.txt

4. Once the files are successfully transfered run startdedicatedserver.bat and check to see if your dedicated server is working. If it is congratulations you can still host your dedicated servers!

If your server does not work then you probably either didnt move all the necessary files to the new folder or moved too many files to the new folder. Please re-read the steps above and follow exactly as intructed.

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