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Postby American Girl » Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:43 am


Would there be any way you can provide the following:

List of Top 10-16 clubs in World 1, 2 and 3
List of Top 10-16 players (by XP) in World 1, 2 and 3

Like this (cut and paste):

1 [FOOK] «₪ғôôқ₪» 1731580 29
2 [U] Unique 1667389 29
3 [DF] DreamFish 1095122 27
4 [SSS] Above the ocean 149089 16
5 [HooK] »−╠╣ΘΘҜ→ 144984 16
6 [PC] Pirates of the Caribbean 76368 14
7 [FK2] «₪ғôôқ₪»² 48305 12
8 [key] Key West 35287 11
9 [.LF.] Lord of The Fish 27904 1 0
10 [4ever] rescue friends 4eva 18602 9

1 peanut 21,669,718
2 debacle 20,163,393
3 AmericanGirl 18,212,797
4 Ycnan 16,720,601
5 I*gotta*bite 16,525,142
6 Danny Boi 14,257,792
7 beachborn 12,571,305
8 tvarius 10,105,882
9 Dave999 8,781,220
10 Alexzander 6,365,153
11 o0xXx0o 6,252,095
12 daisymae100 5,536,631
13 wordhealys 5,372,193
14 magicworld 5,326,436
15 Nicola1977 4,560,002
16 RTBruce 4,475,559

I check the other forums regularly for new information using Google Chrome to translate and I cannot find this information anywhere. I am also be sending friend requests to the active posters on the .de forums.

I can access most of the other worlds on the other servers but since I cannot access the first couple of worlds on .de to play/interact with more experienced members I am asking for assistance in acquiring this information. Once I know their names I can send a friend request through the game portal as well. Plus I am also curious how the .en worlds are progressing in comparison to the longer running clubs and players. I actually cannot enter worlds 1-7 but I figure since I am askingthe favor I won't push and ask for too much work all at once. :pray:

If this is in the wrong section I apologize... not sure where it goes since its a special request. But I would appreciate the help. Thank you for your consideration. :hug:

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Re: Information

Postby American Girl » Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:36 am

Pearl or any other Mod

I know that this section does not always garner a response. Maybe I should not have posted here, but I thought it the appropriate section. I am not actually suggesting any changes. Just looking for help and information. I sent friend requests on the new portal site to all mods from all Upjers forums. I am still waiting for one to accept the request so i can talk there instead. :o

:pray: Until then, can someone please assist with the small request above. :pray:

Thank you

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