highsky prices

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highsky prices

Postby anabellee » Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:44 am

Hello, first off all, would like to say that i enjoyed a game a lot...was quite relaxing. Nowadays, all tho i want to go on helping my two kids playing, i find it quite....say i am on the edge to block it and say i have no idea what happened.
So many players are using real money to improve virtual game and i am fine with it, until its not an overdose. New design everyday?? Ok. I bought new background to my kids as well, and some fish, but once is fairly enuff. What message are we sending? Even for a game like this, the one who spent the most (not earn with playing, fishing, feeding...its easy, no?) is THE Face.
For Upjers its ok as well. Money should turn in order to have as many players and platform that is functional...but...setting some limits? Its just a KID game.
Fish Stone Sucker 300$ level 1, Botox Pam 1000$ level 1....what's going on?
I am sorry, all in all, this is...crossing all limits and would be nice that someone reacts.
Thanking in advance.

And yes....to add..this all is not surprising. If opening new lake is around 500000 virtual $, what else to expect?
Ok. if it is 50-60000 - fish, buy, sell, finish quests, learn something, try a bit, earn it....but...how on earth someone can earn 500000,00$ but to pay to you? :ugeek:
Correct me if i am wrong. And tanx again.

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Re: highsky prices

Postby pearlbay » Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:12 am

Dear anabellee,

it's of course our main aim to ensure all our games are playable for free. However, to be able to finance maintaining, upgrade and support all our games, we also need to find a balance between paying and non-paying features. If you just want to enjoy the game, without investing any real money, then this is possible with all our games.

Any game should, however, also have its challenges. By questing and serving your customers, you'll be able to progress on Free Aqua Zoo, and thus will eventually be able to afford also costlier lakes. If the goals were too easy to reach, then there'd be no challenge left. If you want to progress faster, then, of course, it's also possible to do so by purchasing Coins and using premium features.

Of course your feedback, as all feedback, is noted, and will be passed on to our developers. Needless to say, we value our player's opinion. Please understand, too, though, that we cannot take all our players' suggestions into consideration due to technological or balancing reasons.

Once again, thanks a lot for suggestion and keep enjoying the game!

Best regards,

In case of urgent problems or questions, please use our support form!

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Re: highsky prices

Postby anabellee » Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:43 pm

Dear Pearlbay,

Thank You for quick reply and yes...i agree...that we agree. Some balance is needed. I am web developer, so i DO understand how it all works. Recently Upjers celebrated 55m users by....selling coins and diamonds for something like 30% off ( and it was only for some payment methods), right? A gift...1 or 2 diamonds or some coins...well, that would be 'balance'.

Of course, it should be considered that all players do not live in USA, so some challenges are there...but i can buy new pair of shoes to open a lake, for example. So...its not very motivating (or challenging), no? :strange: :)

And to add...again 'balance'...again-example: I've reached maximum allowed payment trough SMS (MOPAY) for a month, that means, fine ;) support is there....and my pleasure as well. Got what i wanted. Some small reward?
As i said above. One diamond or two, really does not make any difference in a game, but makes a lot, looking long term for developers and their regular customers.

Little thoughts....nothing expected in return. Thank You for Your time.

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Re: highsky prices

Postby American Girl » Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:11 pm

A few comments.

First off, while the game may be of simple concept and not the same as Modern Warfare or Resident Evil, it is far from a "kid's game" A majority of who I speak with (and I speak with dozens daily) are adults. No different than the Farm or Fish games on Facebook, many adults find it quite relaxing and enjoyable to play. If not for these adults, who do buy premium accounts, the game would quickly be removed as no one would be paying to sustain it.

To try and explain the high prices of fish in the market:

What you are seeing is the tail end of fish that never sell. While many people add the Botox Pam for $70 - $150, some new members try and make "fast money" by selling overpriced fish. It rarely works unless a club or individual member needs dozens (or hundreds) of fish to complete a quest. I believe the recent high markup of Pams is because all the low priced Pams have already been scooped up by someone who needed them. I know our club just finished a huge quest for 300+ Pams, so whatever was modestly priced was scooped up. The same can be applied to the Stone Suckers.

Please note: Selling overpriced fish is also a way for friends to "loan" A$ to each other as well.

There are many strategies and maneuvers that occur in-game that take time to understand. Observation of patterns has helped me get a better understanding of the game for sure.

Also, I disagree wholeheartedly about the cost of the lake being too high. In fact I think it is far too low, or another higher priced lake should be added. As you gain levels, which again is fairly easy in the game even for non-premiums, your customers offer huge amounts of A$ for fish. Single customers can pay over $70,000 and I can easily acquire up to $300,000 over a weekend. And that is just for game-generated customers. That does not include sales on the Fish Market for my bred fish or anything else someone needs.

The game is truely a free game while others I see on the internet may bill the same but are limited in the options of gameplay. Coins are given every 30 days. The Treasure Chest and the Recycling Center offer coins (the odds are very poor, but eventually there is a positive payoff) If anything, time and patience and committment is a lesson that adults, and of course children, can learn and should be taught. With time and patience and commitment, anything in game can be acquired. Nothing is out of reach including multiple tanks with different designs, coin only fish, premium accounts and lots and lots of mind-numbing fun :shock:

If I can ever be of any help to you in game please message me. :hug:

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