Confused New Player

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Confused New Player

Postby tanzia » Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:52 pm

So I come across this game while searching for a fishing game.
At first I think wow, not bad, I can fish...get an aquarium...eventually unlock new areas and options.

After 2-3 days irl now I'm just confused and frustrated.

Q: One would think part of the game is leveling up fish, being charged for it?
Now I know why I am broke.

Q: Why would I level up fish to turn them in for quests/customers when mostly it costs me more to get, feed and level the fish then they pay?

Q: Why is this game listed as free? Admittedly you do offer a coin for leveling and such, but I noticed after my 2nd level there's very little to do unless I can unlock a new option with bricks, which are rather expensive or timely no matter how I look at it.

Q: When I compare this game to ANY number of other games, why is the prem so expensive?
Tibia, Ashen Empires, WoW, Metin2, Minecraft, OZ (fishing and not pay to win), Dozens of others..

Q: Why is the player not told the level up cost on a fish? You can suggest I read the manual but who wants to read 30+ pages before playing a game, realistically? No one.

Q: Why isn't there a listing of your fish so you can easily see the levels, types, etc of your fish in your aquarium?

Q: Why do the chances of catching a fish drastically drop after at level 3? 3:18 ratio tells me you want coins spent, sneaky...

Baits, food, fishing areas, deco's....half or more of everything is in coin....Apparently "free" to play is rather flexible in your mind.

And lastly, I know you have costs and this is a business not fun for you...but I really resent pay to win and that's exactly what this seems to be.

And not to worry, deleting my I'm sure you'll delete this.

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Re: Confused New Player

Postby Joinalexa » Tue Mar 10, 2015 8:47 am

I kinda agree with lot of things what you wrote.. as a free player i admit this game isnt such a fun as other games on upjers.. everything takes a lot of time and even to level up is difficult.. truly i dont see reason why i should want to spend some money on this game when all i see is complains from premium players... there is no motivation to unlock other options.. like breading fishes?! why is possible to bread fishes only with other players, what a nonsense.. this game is probably worse "free" game on upjers portal... even collecting bricks is for forever and you have to play this game every day to get at least 1 brick of each, and gettin 1 point for quarry for friend its like programmers would laugh on us..

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