Account / Holiday Replacement

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Account / Holiday Replacement

Postby pearlbay » Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:30 am

Everything you need to know about your game account

You can have ONE SINGLE game account on EACH Server (world)
You can register on every server with the same email-address.
You can also create an account under the same name on each server, in case the name isn't already being used by another player.

If you don't want to keep playing, you can delete your account via your Profile - but be careful, the account cannot be reinstated afterwards!

Giving your account to someone else or selling it is not permitted, and can lead to a closure of the account(s) in question!

In case you forgot your password or login-name, you can have your login-details/get a new password sent to your email-address via the button "Forgot Password?" on the login-page.

Please note:
The Free Aqua Zoo-team will NEVER ask your for your password! Please contact our support-team at once, if someone is asking for your login-details, via:

Holiday Replacement
You don't need a holiday replacement, as nothing will happen to your fish while you are away for longer. Since we had many problems in the past (taking over of accounts, robbing the content of someone's account, etc), there won't be an official holiday replacement on FAZ. If you do think you need someone else to take care of your account, this is up to you, but you will have to live with the consequences if something happens to it.

If you want someone to clean your aquariums and feed your fish while you are away anyway, they can do so either via the friend-feature, or via your personal page.

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