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Market / Storeroom / Shop

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The market
At the market stand in the village, you can buy fish off of other players and also sell your own fish.
You'll see the fish displayed that you could also catch on your own, depending on your level.
All other types of fish will be unlocked as you advance through the levels.

If you want to buy fish, click the tab "All offers". Here, you can browse through all offers of your fellow players.
If you're looking for a specific type of fish, click on "Fish Overview" and then the name of the fish.
If you see a fish you'd like to buy, click the shopping cart next to the offer.
The fish will then be in your storeroom.

If you'd like to sell a fish, click the tab "Sell".
Your stock of fish will be displayed consequently. Click the fish you'd like to sell and drag it to the stand.
After that, enter your price and confirm. Please note that you'll have to pay a market fee (see below)
If your fish is sold, the money will be credited to your account.
Offers can be retracted if you click the corresponding button next to your offer.
Please note that the market fee will not be refunded if you retract an offer!

If you're a premium player, you can put 40 fishes on your market - without premium you're limited to 20 offers.
Putting fish on the market costs a small fee. It amounts to 10% of the price you demand for a fish, but at least 1 A$.

The storeroom
You'll find the storeroom in the village.
You can view your stock of fish, bait and decor by using the corresponding tabs.
You can also return fish to the lakes. If you choose to do so, you'll get a small reward.
Just drag your fish from the storeroom to the nice man at the bottom on the right.

The shop
You get there by clicking the shop building with the cart icon in the village.
Choose the category by using the tabs, click the article, choose the quantity and confirm your purchase.

Here, you can buy
► fish food
► décor
► fish
► bait and
► backgrounds

If you want to buy a fish, you can drag the fish to the blue field with the shopping cart icon. A window will pop up where you can choose if you'd like a male or a female fish, and you can give him a name. You can only buy one fish at one go.

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