The Boat Ride

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The Boat Ride

Postby pearlbay » Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:27 am

You can find the boat ride in the second town, Seatown, from level 6 onwards. Click on the boat to activate the feature.

Going on a boat ride

You can invite friends on a boat ride. Click on an empty slot and choose a friend. You can only invite friends from your friend-list, and these friends cannot already be on another boat ride at the same time.

The invited friend will receive a message and needs to confirm the invitation. Once your friend has done this, the boat ride will start! It'll take 20 hours, and you will both receive a fish of a randomly selected species of fish on your return. These will then be placed in your fish-bag, or your storage, in case your fish-bag is full at the time.


The additional slots will allow you, once activated, to invite 5 friends to a boat ride at the same time.

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