Your animals

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Your animals

Postby pearlbay » Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:45 am

After the completion of particular levels you will be able to erect buildings. Therefore you need a free lot. After a click on the lot you will be asked what to build. The new building will also include one (or in case of the hen house two) animals.

At the Cattle Dealer in the village or at the Bee-keeping Retailer you will be able to buy more animals. That's only possible if you have reached the required level and have got free space for more animals in your building. If you don't have enough space for another animal, you can enlarge the building. To do this you must click on the yellow plus at the lower left of the lot. These enlargements can be bought depending on your level. The enlargements costs coins or pD.


The red X is for destroying the building. After clicking on it and the confirmation message, the building will be demolished and you will lose all animals. The building costs wont be refunded either, so please be careful here!

For your animals to produce products, you have to feed them. If you give them more food, they will produce faster.

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