Global Farmers' Club Competitions

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Global Farmers' Club Competitions

Postby pearlbay » Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:43 am

Global Farmers' Club Competitions

Only clubs who have already completed the 5th club club-quest successfully, are admitted to the Global Farmers' Club Competitions. The club quests will then be accessibly via a globe that appears above your club-house.

In order to participate a the competition, your club needs at least one vehicle. These vehicles are available for different prices, and vary depending on the time it takes them to send the products to the competition, their shipping volume and durability. The vehicles can be purchased by all club-members, but can only be sent of by the club-president and the vice president.

Should the time it takes your vehicle to deliver the products be longer than the remaining time of the currently running competition, the vehicle cannot be sent off. If the car is durable for a longer time than the current contest, the car and its remaining running time can be reused during the next competition.

The first three winning clubs will receive a cup for their trophy-shelf. Additionally, the first ranking club on each server will receive a trophy for their club-shelf.

Additionally, prestige-points will be dished out for all the products sent in during the competition. You can look these up under the ledger "Logistics", in the "products ranking". There is an additional ranking in the ledger "Purchases vehicles" under "Donations Ranking".


In order to participate at the competition, it is necessary for the club to own at least one vehicle.

In order to load vehicles, click on the loading bar and enter the required amount.

The vehicle can be sent off by the club-leader or the club's vice president. These two are the only ones who are able to unload the vehicles as well. On unloading the vehicles, all products will be returned to the donating players.


This ranking is being calculated according to the products that have been sent in by the club-members, based on all the competitions the club has taken part at.

Purchase vehicle

In order to purchase a vehicle, click on the payment-bar and enter the desired amount. As soon as the required price has been reached, the vehicle will automatically be allocated to the club's car pool.

Each vehicle has different characteristics. Each needs a certain amount of time to reach its destination (send in products), has a limited shipping volume and can only sustain a predetermined number of journeys, until it is too damaged to be used any further.


This ranking is being calculated according to the cash that has been invested by the club-member for purchasing vehicles and for all competitions the club has tken part at, so far.

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