Vending machine, presents and shadow box

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Vending machine, presents and shadow box

Postby pearlbay » Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:24 am

Would you like to send a small gift to one of your friends on the servers? Then go to the vending machine in the village.

You will find a number of presents here, that may differ according to the season. As soon as you have selected the appropriate present, a small window will open, in which you'll be able to enter the recipient's name and a short message.

Please note: The player you want to send our message to needs to be registered on the same server as yourself. You cannot send presents to yourself.

All presents you have received, will be displayed in the shadow box which you can access via your farmhouse, or your showcase farm. Your shadow box can be found on the left hand wall of your farm house. Click on it to have a look at the presents. If you pass your mouse pointer over the gifts, you will see each present and who gave them to you.

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