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What are Coins?

Coins is a currency bound to the system. You can obtain Coins by buying them with real money or by buying them from other players.
You can also advertise the game with a link to your showcase farm and you'll receive Coins. Learn more on that topic here >> Receive Coins for advertising My Free Farm

What can I do with those Coins?
► Activate a premium account
► Use some features such as the barker (market crier) or the clearing one whole wield of weeds and rocks with just one click.
► Buy special items from the hardware store
► Sell the Coins to other players or the system in exchange for pDs.

Generally speaking, you can play MyFreeFarm without spending real money or Coins.
However, every Coin you buy supports the maintenance and the further development of MyFreeFarm, as Coins are our only source of income.

You can sell your Coins to the system at any time. Simply click this symbol Image above your farm. The system pays you 300 pD.
You can also sell Coins to the other players, either on the market or using the designated trade areas in this forum.
The price is determined by the current market price for Coins.
If Coins are sold by contract, it it exactly the same thing as with other products, except that you'll also have to pay a fee when sending contracts containing Coins.

Here's an example of how it looks like in the game:

Amount (max: [Amount of Coins you currently have in stock])
Price/Unit (minimum: 300 pD/piece)
[click] Receive the entered price per Coin
[click] Demand the price entered
Seller receives: 300 pD/piece
Buyer pays: 330 pd/piece

Now you can see what amount of money you'll receive and what the buyer will have to pay.

This means that you'll receive 300 pD per Coin, the buyer pays 330 pD.
You can choose if you want to enter the gross or the net price, and you can therefore keep an eye on your expenses.
This is particularly useful, as the Coins entail higher market fees when they are offered at high prices, consequently.

Should you encounter problems when buying Coins, then please contact out support team:

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