Giselle, the circus goat!

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Giselle, the circus goat!

Postby pearlbay » Mon Nov 18, 2013 6:46 am

Dear players,

today, we'll be starting another super animal event!

From November 18th at 11 am CET until November 25th at 10:59 am CET, all players from level 15 onwards, will now be able to gather hay biscuits, which you, if you're lucky, will be able to find when harvesting daisies, herbs and potatoes.

As soon as you have gathered 500 hay biscuits, you'll be able to turn one of your goats into a Giselle, the circus goat at Ringmaster Rudolph Rattlebag's in Mootown.


Our super-goat Giselle will give you 2 additional units of goat's milk every time you milk her!


Don't have a goat shed yet? Not to worry: once you have unlocked Giselle, you will be able to turn one of your goats into Giselle, even if you build the shed after you have unlocked her.

Furthermore, you'll now be able to unlock the Pastry Shop in the picnic area!


Starting at level 12, you'll be able to start the series of quests that will unlock the pastry shop in your picnic area. There are a total of 20 new quests that you'll have to complete to unlock the new tasks. And, we've also added new recipes for your pastry shop's products. Once you have completed one of you pastry shop quests, you'll be able to start the next one in 48 hours.

Additionally you'll be able purchase a new table for your picnic area as soon as you have unlocked the pastry shop.


Enjoy our new features!

Also please don't forget to secure yourselves our free bonus gift with your Coins purchase, the jolly jumping chestnut!

Your My Free Farm-Team
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