Undermaster Launched! A Dungeon Game like no other!

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Undermaster Launched! A Dungeon Game like no other!

Post by verkon » Tue Nov 25, 2014 10:45 am

Have you had enough of the sunshine and lush grass? Are rainbows just a thorn in your eye?

Well, maybe it's time you took a break from all that, and headed down into the dreary damp dungeons of the underworld!
In Undermaster you can become a fearsome (or just lazy) ruler of the depths! Have your minions slave away to create a perfect realm for you!

Undermaster has finally launched for the English-speaking world, and now you too can delve into the depths and meet hordes of exciting creatures. Meet subservient earth imps, crafty goblins, bloodthirsty vampires and more!
Your unfailingly loyal earth imps and your head monster Igor will show you the ropes, and teach you everything you need to know about luring monsters into your service, expanding your dungeon and taking care of everyday dungeon life.
Have your earth imps dig passageways and create rooms -- Kitchens, Dorms, Workshops, Voodoo Labs and more! Decorate your dungeon and increase your Glory. The more you build, the more monsters will come.

Craft a smooth-running dungeon operation to churn out goods and equip your dungeon with everything it needs from food and furniture to weapons and armors for a military campaign against the world above! But be warned: Running a dungeon isn't easy -- you'll need to make sure your monsters have the accommodations they need, and are well provided with food, affection (succubi are needy creatures) and even blood (watch out, or your vampires might just take a bite out of one of your imps!).

Hire mercenary monsters and fight exciting battles against the towns and cities of the world above. Prove your skill and cunning as a commander in strategic battles - there's plenty of loot to be had!

And if your monsters become battle-weary, you can always send them out on adventures in server wide events, where you can compete with your fellow players to earn fantastic rewards. Only the bravest adventurers will be able to decorate their dungeons with trophies from their journeys.

Are you ready to experience a dungeon game like you've never seen before? Then come play Undermaster now! Riches await!

Check out the trailer here:

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