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Postby SerenitynPeace » Thu Mar 05, 2015 6:27 pm

I am NOT looking for a Guild. I have changed my mind. Sorry
Thank you,
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Postby sixfoureight » Fri Mar 06, 2015 2:27 am

Hello, I know you've already posted in threads for other guilds, but if you're still looking for a guild, then consider Fattorie Eataly. Member list is currently full, but I'm pretty sure there's a least one member that has been inactive for quite a while that I can clear.

Running two farms of my own, I don't have time to chase people to donate or get fussy over who donates what and when (plus it's not fun to do that), so things are very relaxed at Fattorie Eataly, and the message board is quiet most of the time (I think everyone is shy), but everyone is quietly working on our goal to climb back up the rankings. Since I run my second farm gold-bar-free, I understand the limitations of players who cannot buy gold bars, so I do have a lot of patience for our newer players who might not be able to contribute as much at the beginning, and encourage them to build up and upgrade their own farms as a higher priority.

Of course, if you are very competitve (nothing wrong with that, being competitive is good), this may not be the best guild for you since you may find it frustrating that we do not push as hard as some of the other guilds, or get frustrated that other members do not contribute as much. But if you're a new but dedicated player looking to get started in a guild, then this may be the guild for you.

If you're interested, send me a message here or in-game to roxybudgy, I usually log in everyday in the evening, so I should be able to respond within 24 hours.

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