water decorations

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water decorations

Postby LaBee » Sat Nov 08, 2014 9:19 pm

I was eager to collect enough hibiscus to have the Wa'a raft, I really wanted to place it in that shiny part of the sea near the fisherman *___*
What a sad surprise: item appropriated to be placed on the water... cannot be placed on the water T___T

Well, here's my proposal.
What about some decorations which can be placed on the ground OR on the water? E.g., the raft, the mangrove, or even the shipwreck (I know, it's not a decoration, but it will be soooooo cute half on the beach and half on the water *___*).

And, if the idea sounds good to you, what about an entire new set of decorations made ONLY to be placed on the water?
New plants or flower like waterlily, lotus, giant cane, new animals like frog, fishes, hippo :mrgreen:
Why not a lighthouse to place in the sea, or some kids rafting the river with trunks?
Give us water decorations pleeeeeeeeeeeeease :pray:

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