Residential buildings / Factories / Upgrades

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Residential buildings / Factories / Upgrades

Postby pearlbay » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:58 am

Next to decorations, the shop also offers you buildings: Image

Here, you can buy two types of buildings: factories and residential buildings:


Residential buildings

You need residential buildings to increase the maximum amount of possible customers.

There are residential buildings that cost coppers, as well as those that are available for gems. Which houses are available for purchase depends on your level. The first upgrade level of all residential buildings is available for either goods or gems; a further upgrade will cost you gems.

You can buy a maximum of 8 living quarters available for play money (coppers) per type; the houses available for gems are not limited; you can buy and place as much of them as you like.



You need factories to produce goods to sell to your customers.

Plus, you can only play hidden object games, if you built and constructed the matching factory.

Building permits / Customer maximum:

To build a factory you need, next to the required level, enough building permits as well as a high enough max amount of customers. Only if you meet all these preconditions, you'll be able to buy the factories inside the shop.

You can see how many building permits you have left inside the shop:

(below the price of the house you intend to buy,
in the left-hand menu)

This display is covered, if you don't have the maximum amount of customers you need for purchase. As soon as you have reached the required limit again by building or upgrading residential buildings, this display will reappear.

Producing goods:

Depending on your level, you can produce different types of goods inside the factories. To switch between the goods, just click the arrow next to the image of the product. This allows you to switch back and forth between the different types of products.


During a running production, these arrows are not visible:


As soon as the goods are produced, you will see a chest appear above your factory, which means you can go pick up the goods:

(this icon also is the symbol of your goods inventory,
showing you where the goods you picked up are stored).

Unlocking production slots

Each factory you buy comes with one unlocked production slots. To open further slots, you need enough hidden object game points as well as enough wood and stones.
(1) The first production slot is unlocked right away
(2) To unlock the second slot, you need further hidden object game points as well as resources in this example
(3) The same goes for slot number 3, even though you won't see the lacking hidden object game points before you unlocked slot 2.

If all preconditions are met, you can add the slot:


Repairing a factory:
With each production you make, your factories' productivity will decrease and you will see that the factory can be fixed.

The longer the production of a good, the higher the potential loss. The higher the need for repairs of a factory, the longer the production time of goods:


Decreased production times indicated below a production slot:


Removing factories and residential buildings:

You can sell all of your factories and houses or move them to the inventory. The building inventory inside your shop indicates how many buildings you've got on stock there.


Please mind:
  • Moving a building to your storage means that all its upgrade levels will be lost. If you place the building again, the building will return to its state before it was built.
  • You cannot remove residential buildings if that means you are sinking below the maximum amount of customers required to have the amount of factories on your map you have on it now.

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