Signing up / Logging in

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Signing up / Logging in

Postby pearlbay » Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:27 am

If you cannot sign up or log into the game, there are several possible errors:

Please read through the following steps and follow the advice listed here.

1. Signing up problems

To use our games, you need an active user account. The following steps will show you possible problems when signing up.

1.1: I don't know where I can sign up

The easiest option would be to go to and enter your login details into the text boxes, then click on "Play for free"


1.2: I am receiving the error message "There already is a portal-account with this email-address, but the password is wrong. Did you forget your password?"

That means you already have an Upjers portal-account. Upjers accounts can be created and used on and expand your options of interacting with friends you made on different games. When creating accounts for some of our games, a portal-account will automatically be created (see point 3).

Please enter the details from your Upjers-account into the fields "password" and your user name to access your account. In case you forgot your password, you can request a new one via

1.3 I am receiving the error message "This name is already in use, please choose another one."

Even if your Upjers-account already has a user name, you can still choose a new one on each game. If you see this error message, there are two options:

1.3.1 I don't have a game account on this game / server yet and my name is already in use

In this case someone else must have chosen your desired name. Please think up another one or add a number/letter to it.

1.3.2 I already have an account on this game / server and the name is already in use

In this case please follow the advice under topic 2. It's generally not allowed to own more than one account per server.

2. Signing up for the game

Before you can start playing, you need to log into your user account. The following steps will explain possible signing in issues.

2.1 I don't know how to log into the game

Above the button registration box (on the top of the screen), you will see 4 fields (user name, password, server, button "OK")


Enter the login details of your Upjers account here.

2.2 I am receiving the error message "User name or password for this portal account incorrect"

This message indicates that there is something wrong with your entered login details. This can have the following causes:

2.2.1 You entered the wrong user name

Please note that, no matter which name you chose for signing up, you always need to use the name of your Upjers account to sign in.

In case you forgot that name, you can request a new password and your login name to be sent to you via You'll see the heading "Hello [your user name]!" in the email's subject-title.

2.2.2 Wrong password entered

In case you forgot your password, you can request a new one directly under

2.2.3 "Secure Login" activated

If you enabled the "secure login" for your Upjers-account, you need to enter your Upjers-account's email-address instead of the user name to log in.

To change these settings log in under with your Upjers user details and go to "Settings". Here, you'll be able to activate or deactivate the option "Log in with email-address" by ticking/unticking the respective box. Click on "save" afterwards.

3. Which games require a portal account?
  • Garbage Garage
  • My Fantastic Park
  • My Little Farmies
  • Uptasia

Last updated: 05.06.2014

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