Game won't load? Clear your flash cache!

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Game won't load? Clear your flash cache!

Postby pearlbay » Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:18 am

The game doesn't load properly or gives you a green page?

First of all, make sure to check if you have Adobe Flash Player installed.

Click here to test!

The latest version of flash player can be downloaded on Adobe's homepage.

Got the latest version of Flash?

Make sure to also clear your browser cache.

Still cannot get the game to load?

Then please clear your flash player's cache:

To do that, please copy/paste the following URL into your browser's address bar: ... ger03.html

or click here to be forwarded.

The manager that is now displayed allows you to access your flash player's settings.

To clear your cache:

  • Select the second tab (Global Storage Settings panel)
  • Remove the tick in the second box (the one right at the bottom "Store common Flash components...")
  • Confirm the change
  • Then tick the box again.

Now try to access the game once more, and the game should, if all works out fine, load without further problems.

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