World Cup Payment Campaign

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World Cup Payment Campaign

Postby pearlbay » Thu Jul 10, 2014 5:01 am

Dear players,

with the Football World Cup running, we've got a great payment bonus campaign for you!

During the course of this campaign, we are doubling the bonuses indicated in our payment area: It is therefore possible to gain up to 60% more premium currency on top of one individual purchase.


Please mind the current bonus scale in our premium currency shop: the currently valid bonus is already included in the bonuses displayed here! All packages gaining you a bonus are marked with a football-playing bunny:


Needless to say, our current bonus item available with a premium currency purchase is also available.

Enjoy the World Cup, and may the best team win!

your Upjers-Team

*Please note: this offer is not valid for telephone and SMS payments. Please also mind: It is only the bonus that will be doubled - you will not get twice as much premium currency with your purchase.
In case of urgent problems or questions, please use our support form!

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