How to make screenshots and place them on the forum

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How to make screenshots and place them on the forum

Postby pearlbay » Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:05 am

How do I make screenshots and place them on the forum?

  • Click the key Print Screen (Prt Sc) on your keyboard

  • Open a graphics-program of your choice (such as Paint, Gimp, etc.)

  • Click on paste under "edit"

  • Select the portion of screen you'd like to show

  • Save as .jpg (Mind the image's size and the forum's size limitations!)

  • Upload via an image-host (such as imageshack, imgur or tinpyic)

  • Copy the path and place it between two image-tags - just like this:

Code: Select all


When your image is posted, you'll see this:


Note: To make taking screenshots and uploading them even easier, you can also use the free tool / browser add-on lightshot (or similar). This tool will enable you to both take screenshots, edit and upload them to an image server without needing to resort to other programs.

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