Goods - Cereals, Vegetables, Fruits, Wood, Animal Products

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Goods - Cereals, Vegetables, Fruits, Wood, Animal Products

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How can I get goods?

You'll get goods, by cultivating plants on your fields, or by raising young animals that produce goods in your pens. Both plants as well as young animals need a bit of time to be fully grown. Trees, too, take a bit of time to grow. If you take good care of your plants and animals, and keep clicking on the icons that will appear above them, they will grow faster. Once they are fully grown, you can click your plants to harvest them.

Grown animals and fruit trees will produce goods by themselves, but this will take a little while, too. Only trees whose wood is being processed (oak trees and maple trees, for instance), will need to be replanted.

Hover your mouse pointer over an animal or plant, to find out the remaining growth times.

Image Image Image

Why and how do I process goods?

It pays to process goods, as this will increase their value, and selling them will gain you more money. You can process all goods in your warehouse by building the respective production building, such as, for instance, a flour mill, to turn cereal to flour. If you then build a bakery as well, you'll even be able to turn the flour to baked goods. Once you have placed a production building, click on it and select the icon 'Process goods' from its menu.


A production screen will now open. On the right-hand side of one of the 4 slots, now choose which good you'd like to process. The higher the amount, the longer it will take for the production to be completed. After that, click the button 'Start production'.

Image Image

The production will take a bit of time. Once it is completed, an icon will appear above the building. Click on it to receive the completed goods.


How do I sell my goods?

Your easiest option is, to sell your goods directly via your warehouse. Simply adjust the amount you wish to sell there, then click on 'sell'. Besides this, you'll be able to sell goods directly to those customers sporting a green thought bubble above their heads. Just click on that bubble, to sell the desired goods to your customers.

To gain higher prices for your goods, it pays to place market stalls later on. Here, you'll be able to set the selling prices. The orders of traveling salesmen are also highly lucrative, although they may be a tad harder to complete, as the salesmen generally ask for a large amount of different goods. Plus, they need those goods at a specific time and date.

What makes fruit trees and the produce of animals so special?

Normally, you sell your animals as soon as they are fully grown. You should, however, keep animals that produce goods, as they will keep producing goods. Similar to these animals, your fruit trees will also keep producing goods: they won't be fully removed when you pick up your harvest, but will remain on the field and, once the fruits are ripe, will allow you to pick up the next yield. Both animals as well as fruit trees, however, are only fertile for a while, and once that time is past, they will not be producing any further goods. If you hover your mouse pointer over a tree or animal, you'll find out how many goods the respective tree/animal has produced so far as well as how many further productions are possible.

Image Image

Afterward, you'll of course still be able to sell both tree and animal.

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