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Shop / Warehouse / Inventory

Postby pearlbay » Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:19 am

Why do I need to use the shop? What can I find there?

The shop contains all items you need to plan and design your farm, such as seeds for planting, pens and animals for your farm, as well as all production buildings to process your goods, and decorations.

The shop is subdivided into the following categories:
  • Image Plants: Here you'll find vegetables, fruits, cereals, wood, herbs and fibers.
  • Image Animals & pens: Aside from animals and pens, you'll also find all pen items here as well.
  • Image Buildings: Here you'll find production buildings, market stalls, special buildings (servants' house, carriage station), as well as different types of paths
  • Image Decoration: This area enables you to purchase decoration, flowers, bushes and boundaries for your farm

Can I resell already purchased items?

Yes, that's possible.

All you need to do is click on the card in your card tab to be forwarded to the shop, and click the "Sell" button - or click on the respective card while you are in the shop, and then click the "Sell" button.


Note that the selling price will not be the full price you paid when purchasing the item in the first place, but only a small percentage of it. So make sure you always think twice before buying too many items of a product you may not actually need in such large quantities, or may not need at all at the moment.

Why do I need a warehouse?

All products you plant, harvest and process will be stored in your warehouse. From here, you can sell your goods directly, or sell them to your customers. To be able to, for instance, produce potato stew, you'll therefore first need to have the required potatoes in stock, that is, in your warehouse, as otherwise you won't be able to start the production.

What can I do if my warehouse is full?

If your warehouse is full, you've got two options:

  • You upgrade your warehouse to gain further storing space, or
  • you sell the goods you currently don't need

While your warehouse is full, you won't be able to pick up any further goods - so make sure to have enough room at all times. You also won't be able to withdraw your goods from your market stalls if there is not enough space in your warehouse to store them.

Upgrade costs warehouse:

What's the difference between the inventory and the warehouse?

All products and items you already produced in your production buildings, or planted, will be kept in your warehouse.

All products you haven't planted yet, decoration that hasn't yet been placed on your farm, all pens and animals not yet placed on your farm, as well as whatever else you purchased but haven't yet placed/planted on your farm will be stored in your inventory.

Can my inventory be filled up?

No, that's not possible. Your inventory has an unlimited amount of space - so you can go shopping as often and as long as you like.

My inventory is so filled up, I am having trouble finding anything - what can I do?

You can sort your inventory by categories any time. All you need to do is click the "inventory" button, then the sorting button:


Clicking the sorting button will open the sorting menu:


You can do the same thing with your card bar:

Just click on the sorting button next to your card bar:


Clicking it will also open the different methods of sorting your card bar:


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