Gold bars / Thalers

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Gold bars / Thalers

Postby pearlbay » Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:22 am

What's the difference between gold bars and thalers ?

Thalers are the in-game currency (play money) you may earn in the game and which allows you to buy most items for your farm. Gold bars allow you to buy special items and features. You may also get gold bars as reward for completing story tasks. You may of course buy them in the bank (safe in the top menu bar), that is, via our payment system, in exchange for real money. Should you have too few thalers, you may also exchange your gold bars for thalers. One gold bar will get your 250 thalers.


Why do I need thalers?

Thalers are necessary to buy production buildings, seeds, decorations, barns, etc. for your farm. Several farm expansions and warehouse expansions are available for thalers as well.

How can I earn thalers?

  • By selling the goods in your warehouse
  • By selling goods to customers with thought bubbles
  • By selling goods via market stalls placed on your farm
  • By leveling up
  • By completing story-quests
  • By gaining achievements
  • By money cards contained in boosters
  • By selling items you no longer require back to the system.

From time to time you'll also get a thaler or money package with a booster


Why do I need gold bars?

Gold bars aren't necessary to play the game. They are mainly used to ease your gameplay. Some farm expansions and warehouse expansions are available for gold bars as well. Plus, you many increase your breeding chances by buying fertility feed and upgrading the barns in your animals' pens. If you don't want to wait for a specific item to become available at a higher level, some items can be unlocked prematurely in exchange for gold bars.

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