Quick Card Trading Guide

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Quick Card Trading Guide

Postby Lofty » Mon Dec 02, 2013 8:58 pm

So I have noticed many poor card trades being offered lately, so I have decided to offer some suggestions for getting more trades accepted.

1) Close in value on card and level of card (eg. a Red Fox for a Swan is pretty fair, a red fox for a giant panda is not).
2) Diamond animals for diamond animals (eg. a koala for a giraffe is not likely to be accepted, a chinchilla or coati for giraffe is more likely).
3) Shops of similar value and level (eg. a toy stall big for a souvenir stall big is fair).
4) Non-diamond animals don't matter. You can offer much less for animal cards that are not worth diamonds as most people just buy them for zoo dollars rather than bother with trading.
5) Plants don't matter much. Plants you can also usually offer much less for however if you want to be totally fair try offering similar types and values (eg. trees for trees, flowers for flowers).

You don't need to be perfect with this and friends will often accept an unfair swap from you just because they want to help you out. Being aware when people are doing you a favour is probably still wise if you don't wish to offend your fellow zoo players.

Feel free to post your own card trading guidelines too because the more everyone knows about what kind of trades others are expecting the less we will disappoint each other.

Dr. K
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Re: Quick Card Trading Guide

Postby Dr. K » Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:27 pm

Can someone tell me how to trade whole animals?


Dr. K

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Re: Quick Card Trading Guide

Postby Al Cracka » Fri Feb 14, 2014 10:07 am

Dr. K, you can't.

Lofty, thanks for these rules; I wish more people would pay attention to them.

When I see people continuously offering unfair trades, I get a little miffed at them. They're cluttering up my trade offers, and we all know they're looking for either suckers or pity; I feel like they're trying to take advantage. I would say, as a general rule, if you're offering a lot of unfair trades, be aware that you're not making yourself any friends.
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