Rules of Trade

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Rules of Trade

Postby pearlbay » Fri Feb 22, 2013 4:38 am

  • In order to keep the trade section clean, so-called "up" or "bump" posts are only permitted once a day. Every time you click "Reply" in your own thread and therewith create a new post (up-post), this results in your thread sky-rocketing to the top of the section. This is only permitted once per day. This includes posts such as "Card xxx still avialable", "another xxx available", "Thanks for trading" and similar posts. Please lead any discussions concerning an offer/request by PM or IGM.
  • Your original post can be edited by yourself at any moment, so your offer/request can be adjusted accordingly.

    The "up" rule applies as soon as you have started a thread. This means that up-posts originating on the same day as the start of the thread are not asked for.
  • Every player may open just one single trading post.
    This is necessary to ensure that the up-rule is not being circumvented by players posting multiple threads. If your offer is no longer valid, please add a *Closed* to the title.
  • Please indicate your zoo name with every offer/request. In this manner, further inquiries can be avoided. It would be even better to indicate your zoo name in your signature
  • Please also note, that you may only post image up to a size of 600 x 600 pixels there, with a maximum of 75 kB in the first post of your thread. Unfortunately we need to enforce this rule, so players do not start posting oversized images. Images not adhering to these limitations will be deleted without further comment.

    Thank you for minding these rules,

    your upjers-team
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