Account issues - confirmation

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Account issues - confirmation

Postby Mavrica » Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:13 am

Hello there,
i've been trying to send this via support query but your support isn't working for me at all. Firstly i can't find my country because page doesn't allow me to move further on 1,2,3,4... page numbers. This is issue number 1.

I'm playing My free zoo
My username is: Mavrice
Name of my Zoo is: Mavrica's Zoo
ID : 8073436

Now issue number 2:
I've confirmed my email but my game doesn't want to recognize it - so it still says i should confirm it but i did! I have account on your main site too! I can't play properly without confirmed email... Might be the issue that i've used Slovenian email adress? Did try to changed it to this gmail account and it still doesn't want to work. I could start all over but i've already purchased few diamonds so everything would go to waste - my money + my progress so far :(

I'm looking forward for some help here,
regards from Slovenian player :)

Edit: that's the error msg. i get "Unknown error occured during sending of email."

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Re: Account issues - confirmation

Postby pearlbay » Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:58 am

Hi Mavrica,

since we may have to ask you for your email-address here, we'd rather keep this request off the public forum. Did you choose the US-flag when trying to send in your support request? You'll find it under the following link: ... country=us

Now click on the My Free Zoo icon, choose your server...


...enter your ID/Login name, and proceed from there.

If you keep having problems, please get back to us here!

Best regards,

In case of urgent problems or questions, please use our support form!

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