Forum Rules and Regulations

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Forum Rules and Regulations

Post by pearlbay » Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:07 am

General Forum Rules


General Forum Rules
  • 1. Universal Rules for all forums
    2. Suggestions and criticism
    3. Limitations on Signatures
    4. Traffic stealing & Copyright Rules
    5. Foreign, Download and reflinks (adlinks)
    6. Tools / Scripts / Aid programs
    7. The Search Function
1. Universal Rules
  • Remember behind every screen name is a real person. Respect and treat each other the same way you would like to be treated in return.
  • Please us meaningful titles in your messages - Titles such as "Help please?" or "Need Help Quickly" do not give any information as to what your question is about.
  • Do not publicize PMs or IGMs in a direct quote on the board. The reason for this is that the content cannot be verified, and can be misinterpreted by the reader(s).
  • Do not denounce other players whether it be in a topic, signature or just posting your personal 'blacklist' anywhere.
  • Posting theories and leading discussions about the possibilities of bug-using, rule-breaking and the unfair misuse of game rules, are expressly prohibited. Should you witness any such discussion, or have been informed about ways to circumvent the game rules an/or exploit bugs, please contact our
  • Always adhere to instructions made by the admin or moderating team. Recomposing an already closed or removed thread is expressly prohibited, as this runs counter to the actions of a moderating-team member.
  • If a particular thread or event (i.e Competition) has become inactive then please add (CLOSED) in some format to the topic title, if possible while leaving the original content intact. This means the thread can be safely locked by the moderation team, and will still be searchable for later viewing.
  • Edits to messages by Moderators/Administrators will be accompanied by a notice typically in red type. These include instructions, or a comment as to why the edit was made. Please mind these instructions for any future posts!
  • Particularly when posting within the Trade forums, always include your User Name. The most effective way is to include it in your signature.
  • Using more than one forum account per person is expressly prohibited!
  • In case of problems, please feel free to directly contact one of the moderators. If the forum in question does not have a moderator at the moment, you are always welcome to contact our support-team, or, if your problem is not of a private nature, post it in the forum area Forum Problems.
2. Suggestions and Criticism:
  • We would like to take the chance to mention that our forums should serve as platform our players can use to communicate with each other. Constructive criticism, as well as suggestions and proposals are always welcome (and can be posted in the respective forum ares) - but these should be based on facts, and improve the general enjoyment of playing. There is a decisive difference between a discussion and unverifiable speculations, the deliberate posting of false statements, allegations and provocations created with the sole intent of harming our company's reputation. We therefore reserve the right to remove entries that fall under that category, and might present a false image of our company and our games without comment, and of closing the respective threads / removing them from our forum.

3. Limitations on Signatures

Please take note of these limitations on signatures:
  • A Maximum of 4 lines (including blank spaces and lines with images).
  • The total height of all images must not exceed 150Px.
  • The overall data size of all images in your signature should not exceed 50kB. Remember some users may still be using dial-up connections.
  • The total width of all images must not exceed 550 pixels.
  • Please do not add advertisements for other websites other than those run by upjers in your signature.
Signatures that don't adhere to these regulations will be deleted.

Note: Members of the Administration, Moderation or Editorial team may include buttons dedicated for support links in their signature (within reason).

4. Traffic stealing & Copyright Rules
  • Please do not use any images an/or forum names & texts on the forum, which might infringe copyrights.
  • We also do not support traffic stealing.
  • This also refers to Smiley-Sites that do not expressly allow direct-linking.

    So please be so kind and save us and yourselves any possible ensuing trouble.

5. Foreign, Download and reflinks (adlinks)

We would like to expressly add, that the use of Foreign, Download and reflinks (adlinks) and any further links in a post or signature is expressly prohibited, apart from the below mentioned exceptions:
  • Exceptions:

    Any sites owned by and their games.

    If you disregard this rule, your forum account will be closed for an entire week.

6. Tools / Scripts / Aid programs
  • Do not publish any ads and/or links to to tools, scripts and other programs that may help you progress in the game. All related topics and entries will be removed.

7. The Search Function

Quite often you may find your question may have already been answered previously in an older, or even recent thread.
On occasion you might even find the question already answered in the In-Game Help or within the FAQs on the forum.

By using the search function before posting a new thread, you can save yourself waiting time and the support the time it would take to reply.

Click the Search button at the top of the forum and look at the various options available to you.
  • Search for Keywords - This is pretty much self explanatory; type in a keyword or words that suit your query.
  • Search for Author - This is used when you're looking for posts made by a particular user.
  • Search Options Menu - These options are selected to narrow your search down to a particular forum, category, or post age.
You can also select to view the topic title, or a few lines from the actual message in your results.
In case of urgent problems or questions, please use our support form!


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