A few more food & beverage suggestions

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A few more food & beverage suggestions

Postby RoyalPITA » Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:04 pm

I know I'm not the only one wishing for more variety in MFP's food and beverage offerings. Recently I visited a travelling carnival and noted the following offerings. I'm surprised several haven't already been suggested.

Caramel apples on a stick.

Snow cones.

Popcorn, both loose and shaped. These were shaped like a ball, covered in caramel, and on a stick.

Corn dogs on a stick.

Fry bread.

Water, flavored and plain.

Slushies and smoothies (the smoothies are new).

Malts and milkshakes.

I also saw some offerings that have already been suggested elsewhere in this forum. (No beer, unfortunately :( )

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