New Option for hiding elements to make placement easier

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New Option for hiding elements to make placement easier

Postby Kelemvor » Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:44 pm

I think there should be several options added to hide various elements in your park , to make placement much easier . which in effect would just make them doubly clear like when you hover over the item for awhile .

Hide all Theme Centres
Hide all Rides
Hide all Objects
Hide all Plants

Make it a check list , allowing you to select one , multiples or all of them . Trying to place things behind rides can be annoying at times and actually make me have to move the ride temporarily theme centres on the other hand...can get majorly annoying trying to place items behind and then in turn trying to add them to that theme centre...

(and no , I am not english , just years of programming on Amiga have changed my spelling of centre and colour permanently :geek: )

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