Resources exhange

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Blue Eagle
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Resources exhange

Postby Blue Eagle » Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:26 pm

After a few messages between friends I have found that I am far from alone in this rather annoying issue that I seem to have hardly any ideas but loads (understatement) of the other three resources, material, tech and nature.

Proposal: A 3 for 1 exchange on resources.

VAQ: Why 3 for 1?
A: I'm thinking of the game as a product. This idea would mean players progress through the game a lot faster and upgrade attractions more easily, to keep the chance of purchasing/advertising receiving high since diamonds can be exchanged for resources and to stop players shooting up levels too fast this idea needs to kept in moderation. I did a few numbers in my head based on the resources I have and consider this to be reasonable, however I am open to suggestions/insults about this.

A building required for this type of exchange. Could help tutorial newer players if one needs to be say level 10 or so and again would stop players shooting through the game too fast.

Contingency proposal
More than 25 resources per diamond in the exchange, something closer to 100 per diamond might be ok.

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Re: Resources exhange

Postby RoyalPITA » Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:20 am

Rest assured you are not alone regarding this.

This has been a recurring subject in this forum. I too have been finding myself short on ideas, and a few times short on nature. Most of your suggestions have already been suggested at other times, though I don't recall seeing '3 for 1'. I'd be happy with '1 for 1'.

The new medium theme centers have events that will get you more resources. My experience is the net gain is around 2000.

Currently you can use diamonds to buy resources. A suggestion was made elsewhere in this forum to reverse that and use resources to buy diamonds. It remains to be seen if that ever happens.

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