Organization Achivements

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Organization Achivements

Postby Banatu » Fri Aug 29, 2014 3:09 am

I've been mulling over the idea of organization achievements for a while. There's many obvious possibilities:

  • Reach X number of members
  • Enlarge X preserve type to Y size
  • Have X number of [animal] in Y preserve type
  • Complete each size fundraiser
  • Hire X rangers
And so forth.

Rewards could be:

  • Small one-time reputation bonus
  • Short tending bonus similar to completing fundraisers
  • Zoo Dollar donation to the org
It'd be a nice way to have milestones to work towards, and even better if there's some way achievements can be seen by other players (similar to how you can view achievements if visiting zoos now) so we can take even more pride in our orgs.

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Re: Organization Achivements

Postby Cully » Sun Aug 31, 2014 5:46 pm

As a small org I'd like to see smaller rewards and smaller fundraisers as well. Some incentive would be complete so many tasks and you get a free card or something like that

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Re: Organization Achivements

Postby tillysewell » Tue Sep 02, 2014 2:12 am

I agree with your above comments guys... and feel that while the rest of the zoo game has progressed with buildings, animals etc ..there has been no real update/ improvements down the org line...there is no real incentive for some players to join one, or they have had a bad experience in one already.

I had a post up in forum advertising a slot... we were offering 30% bonuses every week , a chance to have more friends to swap with, work on improving your zoo, all for just a small donation a week and do some tasks when you had time...what more could I offer !

If orgs became more of an incentive to join with your above ideas , then perhaps we wouldnt be losing members as they give the game up, keep the members we have active and more interested in the game, and be fun !
rant over ..tilly

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Re: Organization Achivements

Postby Hyperion » Thu Sep 25, 2014 7:08 am

I agree, I also wish to seem more incentive for members to join and a bit of fun for achievements. Obviously the tasks were created to infuse some interest for members. I remain unconvinced that that worked, but I might be biased as I find them rather boring and they have created conflict here and there in the org (completing tool ship and repair tasks for example). The animal birth tasks for orgs are quite nice but seem to be rather rare and we have no control over it.

The management of the org remains a problem. Donations for fundraisers are hard to keep track off (much better on the farm), you cannot send messages to all, and org mail is not separate from personal mail.

something easy to do is provide a toke of accomplishment for org members when leveling up. It keeps showing a message, "your org has leveled up ...", but that just makes the "so what?" more glaring.

I was thinking of something like donating challenges that then has an actual return for org members, for example, increasing the % for breeding in members' zoos for a few days, or chances at certain sales of the donated animals.

a problem in the org is also in the progression of the game for bigger zoos as points become less important and zD requirements increase (I am in almost constant savings mode now). With that the importance of the existing benefits go down and costs increase.

Just a few thoughts, I am sure there are tons more and better ideas how we can make org life more attractive.
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Re: Organization Achivements

Postby tillysewell » Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:32 am

In the case of monitoring players and donations etc...2 of my fellows Al Cracka and Lofty set up spread sheets of weekly we all donate around the same time each week..which makes life easier to follow.
.and also a record of the members levelling up over the weeks.

We try to reward members with raffles for top notch cards..and any member who plays a big part in org..regardless of level by doing tasks..being active members we award a deputy badge !! Doesn't sound much but it shows our thanks for what they do.
So yes think it's time Upjers revised the org situation...
And for those players still not sure on joining one..we got a new member Sam615, joined us at level 23, and with org members help and xp points she has reached 33 in about 2 wks..that's what being in an an org is surely all work at all levels.

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Re: Organization Achivements

Postby Al Cracka » Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:31 am

Agreed: some new features for orgs would be a great addition to the game. Nice ideas, all.
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