Prehistoric Zoo

Post here if you have any ideas on how this game or subsequent versions could be improved! Please note we do not comment on any proposal made, or add every new idea to the game.
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Re: Prehistoric Zoo

Postby MerleGrimes » Wed Feb 18, 2015 7:56 am

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle...

Al Cracka
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Re: Prehistoric Zoo

Postby Al Cracka » Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:47 pm

What's the new info on this? I'm on vacation and I can't visit my zoo from my phone, so all I know is what's in the forum.
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Re: Prehistoric Zoo

Postby tillysewell » Wed Feb 18, 2015 10:44 pm

Hi Al. hope you having a lovely holiday.!!
Lots of catching up for you when you come home!!
I can get the zoo game on my phone if you download for free the app 'Photon Browser' then you will see whats happening !
See you when you get back .tilly.

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Re: Prehistoric Zoo

Postby Hyperion » Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:42 am

MaelJ wrote:Glad to see a lot of my ideas in this post are finding their way into the new museum..... a little recognition for the idea would have been nice.....noone from the 'company' has even bothered acknowledging my thread.... I see as I suggested the museum will be allowing keepers to search for fossils from different periods too....

I think this is a known problem in any open innovation process. It builds on the vision that people with ideas want to see them realized more than they want recognition for it as lots of people in any kind of open or user-inspired innovation just don't. It might be a practical issue, too. I have no idea how upjers analyzes "ideas" but do know something about coding texts for something like ideas. It is about identifying ideas, maybe frequency of occurrence and such, about assessing how realizable it is and including cost/benefits, but not likely does this stage of analysis have much to do with individuals who had those ideas.

Ideas often occur in different places too. So, while someone may be the first here on this board, it might have been suggested sooner on a different board, or a developer/employee had this idea all along. After all most do know Jurassic Park.

To build a functioning and fair recognition system would not be easy.

Anyway, don't take it as a slight. I know it is nice to get recognition, but it is even nicer if your wishes come true. ;)

On top of that how would I and others feel if somebody gets recognized for something (which we may or may not like of find enhancing), but we point out real needs and they don't get fixed (nor recognized). The whole suggestion board would take on a different tone. There were times where I only posted here because you can muse, post ideas and don't get "official" comments. It is just US voicing wishes and ideas.
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Re: Prehistoric Zoo

Postby verkon » Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:54 am

You know I usually don't butt in on the suggestion threads, but I will just step in to address the whole suggestion recognition thing:

There are a lot of ideas all over the place. We have internal collections of them, and of course, we pay close attention to the forums to see what sorts of things players would like to see, or how they feel about the content that is already there. All of this gets passed on to the people developing the game. Most of the ideas and suggestions that get posted aren't really new -- a lot of them keep cropping up, or are/were planned (some things take time, others need functionality the game doesn't have yet/overhaul of the system, etc.). My Free Zoo (and our other games) have huge player bases in other languages that are considerably larger and more active in the forums (also, the German community was there first) so chances are we've seen most suggestions somewhere else before. It would be impossible to go back and find all of the people (or even the first) that suggested something and credit them. If a suggestion is good, it may find itself into the game. And you should be making suggestions because you want to improve the game and have more fun with it, not because you think you will get "paid" for it.
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