More than one account in one household (IP)

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More than one account in one household (IP)

Postby pearlbay » Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:26 am

What's my account?

Creating a game account allows you to play My Free Zoo and create your own personal zoo. To do so you need to enter a user name, your email-address as well as a password.

  • You ma create ONE account per server (world)
  • You may sign up with the same email-address on every server
  • You may also use the same zoo name on every server, provided it is not in use already.
  • You may delete your account via your profile. Mind that it cannot be reinstated if you do so, however!
  • You may not give or sell your account to another person.

In case you forgot your password you may request a new one via the login-screen.

Where do I need to post if there are several users wanting to play MFZ from my household/IP?

Nowhere. Anyone who wants to create an account may do so without reporting this. All you need to bear in mind is: Don't trade with each other and make sure to really stick to one account per game world!

Please note:
The MyFreeZoo-Team will never ask you for your password!

Should you receive a respective message, it has been sent by a cheater. Please report any such attempts to our support-team immediately:

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