Boosters / Card Pieces

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Boosters / Card Pieces

Postby pearlbay » Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:03 am

Booster packs and Booster Game

What's the booster game?

The booster game allows you to gain rare cards and card pieces. Once per day you may play the bronze game for free, turn over 4 cards and keep them. All other cards you turn over as well as all other booster games (silver and gold) will cost you diamonds.

How does the booster game work?

Open the booster game by clicking the shuffled cards on the left hand screen. Now click the glowing bronze pack to get to the free game. Turn over 4 of the 8 cards you'll find there and secure yourself the surprise underneath them. Each further card you turn over will cost you one diamond. On the right hand side you'll see a list of the cards and card pieces you may win in this game.

What's the difference between bronze, silver and gold-pack?

Bronze, silver and gold symbolize the values of the cards and card pieces included in the respective packs and the chance to gain rare cards (diamond item cards) will increase. That's why the costs increase with each pack.

Cards and card pieces

What are cards and card pieces?

All items and animals are symbolized by cards in MyFreeZoo. Collecting cards and card pieces will allow you to gain items and/or animals without buying them as well as gain items/animals you may otherwise only purchase with diamonds.

How do I get card pieces?

You can get card pieces and gain a full card by:

  • visiting your friends, helping them and getting card-pieces via friendship stars
  • opening your daily card booster
  • swapping card pieces with your friends
    buying the missing card pieces with diamonds

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