Zoo Overview / Zoo Expansion

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Zoo Overview / Zoo Expansion

Postby pearlbay » Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:48 am

Where do I find my zoo overview?

You'll find a complete zoo overview by clicking the button with the cup and select the tab "Zoo Overview".

What do I find in the overview?

In this overview, you'll find everything a successful zoo director needs to know:

  • Your Zoo's size
  • Your current user level
  • The amount of visitors you have in your zoo right now, as well as which group they belong to (men, women, children, senior citizens)
  • The entire amount if visitors you have
  • The amount of items placed in your zoo, such as stalls, decorations, garbage cans
  • The amount and kind of enclosure in your zoo
  • The amount and species of animals in your zoo

What does expanding my zoo get me?

Expanding your zoo won't just get you more space for enclosures, stalls and decorations, but also more money at the box office. Each expansion will also make your entrance area more attractive.

How can I expand my zoo?

Expanding your zoo will costs you Zoo-Dollars/Diamonds. If you've got enough of them, click on the green arrows at the edge of your zoo. You may expand all 3 sides up up 2 times. It doesn't matter which side you expand first.

Expansion costs:

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